Schinkel competition // Torch of Potsdam

The renowned Schinkel competition of the Association of Architects and Engineers in Berlin has taken place annually since 1852. Together with a team of civil engineers, DER MEDIENBAYER participated in this competition in 2012.

The task was the construction and visualization of a new pedestrian bridge in Potsdam. The ambitious design of the engineers developed a unique static with an efficiency of 0.47 t/m. The architecture was inspired by historic wooden lattice beams and its corrugated shape and the use of pressure impregnated wood as a building material created an organic appearance. A particular challenge was to enable pedestrians a barrier-free crossing of the bridge, while still ensuring that ships can navigate through.

The creative implementation in Cinema4D was relatively complex as well: from the data transfer of the in AutoCAD constructed bridge, to texturisation and lighting, to the insertion of background compositings and rendering with Global Illumination.

Design, static and construction: Korbinian Falk, Christoph Goschin, Julian March, Max Gerber

3D visualisations and graphic design: Matthias Lindner, DER MEDIENBAYER