Greenpeace // Street campaigning

After the completion of the tiger campaigns for Greenpeace, a detailed evaluation phase followed. This has resulted in some innovative ideas on how street campaigns in NGOs can be implemented more collaboratively and more immersively — and thus more successfully — in the future.

At the heart of these campaign ideas was the idea of ​​participation and the question of how to motivate passers-by in an information-packed society for critical campaigning. In order to achieve this, a separate interactive call-to-action module has been developed, which can be used universally for various campaigns and makes the participation of the passers-by possible on site.

The project resulted in a simple realization: Street campaigns must be fun!

All further insights that go beyond this sentence were summarized in a detailed interactive online presentation, which is available via the following links:

Part 1: Presentation of the Tiger Tour
Part 2: Critical analysis of the Tiger Tour
Part 3: Ideas & Designs for new street Campaigns

Duration of presentation (total): approx. 45 minutes