Egyptian Museum // Media stations


The six media stations in the State Museum of Egyptian Art are individually designed and manufactured media terminals that provide information on the subject of the respective area.
An animated introduction screen with detailed illustrations encourages the visitor to explore the topic.
High demands regarding quality and reliability had to be met. Additionally, special challenges owing to the square design, the bright light situation and the accessibility of the stations for wheelchair users had to be mastered.

Furthermore, three special stations were built:

  • a multi-touch table about »writing and language« 
  • an eight-meter-long shiftscreen-application
    (Book of the Dead) 
  • an interactive timeline installation (Nubia map)

Concept media stations:
Büro Die Werft // C. Raißle, M. Nolz, M. Lindner

Project management & UX Design:
DER MEDIENBAYER // M. Lindner for Die Werft

Media technology:
TAPS Audio // A. Meyer

Crushed Eyes // F. Seydel, R. Reitberger